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Jury deciding fate of IMPD officers on trial

Jury deciding fate of IMPD officers on trial

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two IMPD officers are awaiting the jury’s verdict after they were charged with multiple counts of battery and official misconduct in May 2020.

The jury got the case at 3:30p.m. Friday. The prosecution said the two officers, Jonathan Horlock and Nathaniel Schauwecker were good cops that made a mistake that happen to criminal, while the defense argues they followed their training. 

In the video, police order everyone to stop and get on the ground. a few did, while others ran. Ivory Westfield had her hands behind her back, her face covered, and stood still for a few seconds. Shortly after, she appears to resist the officers’ commands. 

The defense argued that the officers were following training and that this video is used at the training academy as exactly how to use a baton 

As Westfield attempted to break free from the officer, viewers can hear another officer say, “Hit her.” 

Westfield was shot at least three times with pepper balls (non-lethal projectiles) and struck at least five times in the legs by two officers with batons. 

The prosecution said that the officers pushing Rachel Harding was unnecessary.

Both women were held to the ground and eventually detained. Westfield was subpoenaed by both the prosecution and defense to testify in this case and she never showed up. 

The defense sent the case to the jury with one last phrase, “Just because it looks ugly, doesn’t mean it wrong.”

An internal investigation conducted by IMPD cleared both officers of any wrong doing.