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Uber Eats customer: Driver rammed into garage, delivered food, then drove off

Uber Eats driver rams garage and drives off

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — An Uber Eats food delivery could end up costing one customer thousands of dollars.

Brock Hardisty tells I-Team 8 that an Uber Eats driver slammed into his garage door and then took off.

Hardisty and his dad were just sitting inside waiting for their order when all of a sudden they heard a loud bang.

“I look out the front window here and I can see the Chevy sedan that Uber had told me was coming. It’s sitting in the driveway, but I’m still trying to figure out what this noise was,” Hardisty said.

Hardisty went into the garage and quickly took some pictures of the damage.

“I go back around to the front door. My food’s sitting there, which was great, but the driver’s gone. The car is gone. He’s just bailed out. I don’t know if he accidentally threw it into drive and thought he had it in ‘reverse’ and just punched it,” Hardisty said.

He contacted Uber and told them what happened.

Uber’s response: “We’ll send this to our insurance department and they’ll get back with you.”

Hardisty said, “Well, about an hour after that I got an email from them and they basically said, ‘Hey, we’re sorry this happened, but we’re not going to do anything.’ I’ve been emailing them back and forth since then saying, ‘OK, can I at least get his insurance info?’ And they’ve not been willing to provide that to me.”

In a statement, Uber told I-Team 8, “This is not the experience we want people to have when using Uber Eats. We have been in touch with the user, and have removed the delivery person’s access to the platform while we look into this matter.”

The company says it maintains third-party insurance on behalf of its drivers.

Hardisty says that company has reached out to him about the claim.

“In the scheme of things, it’s just a garage door, but when you spend $30 on an Uber meal you don’t expect to spend $2,600 to fix a garage,” Hardisty said.

The situation wasn’t all bad. The food, he said, “It was the bomb. The food was the silver lining in all of this.”