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Indiana Grown: Farmer’s Provisions

Indiana Grown: Farmer’s Provisions

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every Saturday, WISH-TV highlights a local company together with our partners at Indiana Grown.

This week, Adam Howell, and his daughter, Amelia, with Farmer’s Provisions join News 8 at Daybreak.

The Howells say they come from a long line of farmers, their farm serving Indiana for 50 years. Adam shares with News 8 how they got into raising cattle and selling beef, as well as show off some of their beef.

“All of this (beef) is from our family farm about 40 miles northeast of Indianapolis,” he said. “It’s all 100% grass-fed, finished, and processed here in Indiana. We’ve been farmers for generations, but we just recently started selling beef directly to consumers.”

Adam also says they’ve been trying to improve soil health by raising cover crops for cattle to graze in.

Amelia shares with News 8 how she enjoys helping out on the farm when she’s not busy with school and volleyball. “I help out with 4-H animals, but I don’t normally help out with the grass-fed beef too much. I think (the family business) is great. (The cattle) normally spends time around the fields by our house and I really like watching them.”

The Howells also discuss the benefits of trying their beef – outside of the beef’s “delicious” taste.

“It’s 100% local,” Adam said. “We’re conscious about where we spend our food dollar and we’re supporting the practices and the people and the companies that we want to. I think if you know where it comes from, then you know that your dollar is going to support the things that you want.”

The Howell’s beef provisions can be purchased from their website.

To hear more about Farmer’s Provisions, watch the full interview above.