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Todd Rokita files lawsuits against TikTok 

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Todd Rokita filed two lawsuits against the popular social media app, TikTok, calling it a malicious and menacing threat to unsuspecting Hoosiers.

The lawsuits mark the most serious action taken yet by a state against TikTok, and may set a precedent for other states and federal offices to take action.

Rokita’s first lawsuit accuses TikTok of luring kids onto the platform by falsely claiming it’s a kid-friendly app. Instead, the lawsuit claims children are exposed to sexual content, profanity, and drug and alcohol use. The second lawsuit claims TikTok has “reams” of highly sensitive data and personal information about Hoosiers on the app. The lawsuit also says the company deceives users into believing the Chinese government protects their information.

Rokita released a statement in part:
“In multiple ways, TikTok represents a clear and present danger to Hoosiers that is hiding in plain sight in their own pockets.” – Todd Rokita.

FBI Director, Christopher Wray, recently raised national security concerns over TikTok. He warned China could use the app to collect user data and then use it for spying operations.

“All of these things are in the hands of a government that doesn’t share our values and has a mission that is very much at odds which is in the best interest of the United States, and that should concern us,” Wray said.

Attorney General Rokita says at the very least, TikTok owes people the truth about the age-appropriateness of its content and the insecurity of the data it collects on users.

Rokita is seeking an emergency injunction and civil penalties against TikTok.