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Indiana school system warns of possible kidnapper

ADAMS COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) The superintendent of the North Adams Community Schools district in Adams County said that someone tried to lure students into a van or SUV early Thursday.

Brent Lehman said around 2 p.m. Thursday, he was told about an early morning incident in which a person in a white minivan or SUV stopped and asked some students to get in. Lehman said the students were “wise” and did not get into the vehicle.

Keith Dicke, principal at Northwest Elementary, posted a lengthly explanation later on the district’s parent-teacher Facebook page. He said a Bellmont Middle School student told a staff member that a woman in a white van or SUB tried to get them to get into their vehicle at a bus stop.

It’s not clear what unfoldeded afterward. A description of the suspect was not provided. Dicke said the school’s resource officer was investigating the incident.

The district reminded its students to never get into a vehicle with a stranger, Lehman said. Dicke said the district typically sends information home to parents after incidents like this, but the report hit administrators too late.

The superintendent said anyone who spots a “strange vehicle” that matches the description should contact the Decatur Police Department.

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