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Indiana woman finds exotic kittens in garage

CENTER POINT, Ind. (WTHI) – Two cats were found in a home in central Indiana this weekend, but they were quickly identified to not be domestic cats.

A woman found them in her garage and took them to the local animal rescue in Muncie where they made the realization.

And that’s how Joe Taft and the Exotic Feline Rescue Center got involved.

“Considering that they were born in somebody’s garage with unknown parents, we were really expecting to get up there and find baby domestic cats,” Taft said. “These animals are obviously not domestic cats.”

One of the two kittens found passed away. The other requires extensive care because of its size.

Jean Herrberg with the rescue center says this is the tiniest cat she’s had to take care of.

“I took care of a baby bobcat about a year ago, part-time, and I’ve taken care of baby lions and tigers, but they’re two or three pounds when they’re born, not 70 grams,” Herrberg said.

The cat has to spend time under a heat lamp and in an incubator.

Herrberg also feeds the cat every 2 to 3 hours.

She says the next week is crucial in making sure the remaining cat survives.

“I weigh him every day,” Herrberg said. “Because if they’re not gaining weight then you know something’s wrong.”

This cat joins more than two hundred exotic cats already at the rescue.

And Taft says if you happened to find something like this at your home, it’s important to report it.

“People should certainly feel free to call us or if there’s some kind of question I’d suspect the place to start would be the local humane society,” Taft said.

Taft says they will make plans for the future of the cat once they know what kind of cat it is.

You can learn more about the Exotic Feline Rescue Center by visiting their website.