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INDOT’s yellow trucks ready for slick roads, frigid temps

INDOT winter weather preparedness

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Happening today, road crews from the Indiana Department of Transportation are taking preemptive measures to handle potential icy conditions. Trucks are already in motion in the northern part of the state, strategically pre-treating roads. INDOT stands ready with a comprehensive plan to ensure road safety in the face of changing weather patterns. 

The department is well-prepared, boasting a fleet of 68 trucks equipped with tow plows designed for efficient road clearance. Presently, INDOT has stockpiled 6,400 tons of salt and has 70 drivers on standby to execute the winter weather response plan. With precipitation anticipated throughout the day, officials emphasize the need for flexibility in their approach to road treatment. 

 INDOT official Kyleigh Cramer says they’re focused on constant evaluation of winter operations. “We’re going to reevaluate during winter ops on Saturday evening. So around 8 pm on Saturday, we’re going to reconvene. If needed, our yellow trucks will be out; otherwise, we’ll adjust to a partial call out if needed,” said Cramer. 

 INDOT urges drivers to exercise caution and reduce speed when encountering their yellow trucks on the road. For drivers seeking real-time updates on road conditions, INDOT recommends checking Trafficwise.