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Indy DPW snow plow crews hitting the roads overnight

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The city of Indianapolis has snow plow crews tackling the next round of winter weather.

Indy DPW’s Snow Force crews were activated late Tuesday night.

The crews will travel across the vast system of nearly 7,000 miles of roads that Indianapolis is responsible to plow.

Angel Odom works at a pet supply store along County Line Road on Indy’s southeast side.

She wasn’t looking forward to the snow expected to fall overnight.

“If you have to go in the morning it’s just a mess coming down County Line,” she said.

She doesn’t think snow plow crews get to her side of town quickly enough.

“It is awful coming down here on County Line; the roads are terrible right after it snows,” she said.

“I mainly avoid this area, County Line and Emerson,” Indianapolis resident Tina Hughes said.

While Hughes tends to stay away when it snows, she said it’s because of bad drivers.

She thinks the Indy DPW crews do the best they can getting to the south side.

“I don’t feel they do an awful job, and I don’t feel they do a wonderful job,” she said, “But I know they don’t have a lot of crews and Indianapolis is huge, so they have to be everywhere at the same time.”

Plowing on County Line Rd. is shared between DPW and the Johnson County Highway Department.

All state roads like 31 and 135 are covered by INDOT, regardless of whether they’re passing through Indy or Greenwood.

North of County Line, Indy has nearly 7,000 miles to plow by itself.

“We are covering all of our routes and we’re going to cover each side of Indianapolis to the best that we can,” DPW Spokesperson Jennifer Hashem said.

Hashem said crews always hit main roads first, no matter what side of town.

“We take care of our thoroughfares and whether that’s north side, south side, east side, or west side,” she said.

She couldn’t say whether crews will head to the south side first, but just that the drivers will work 24 hours straight starting at 11 p.m. Tuesday to make sure they get all the major roads.

“We do have a very big job, but all routes will be covered for this event so residents shouldn’t have any concern going into the morning commute,” Hashem said.

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