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Indy students headed to Philly to see Pope Francis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Three Indianapolis Cathedral High School students are among the tens of thousands of people in the U.S. traveling to see Pope Francis.

A theology teacher at Cathedral High School somehow got his hands on four, very-hard-to-get tickets to go see the Pope in person.

Three lucky students were selected to accompany Matt Cannaday on the voyage, and the entire trip is free through the school’s sponsorship.

The group will head to Philadelphia Friday, participate in the Festival of Families on Saturday and come back to Indianapolis Sunday.

It’s a historic trip for the Pope and an opportunity these locals say is almost hard to wrap their minds around.

“I just feel as if God’s giving me this opportunity to see the Pope just as a spiritual experience for me as if he’s rewarding me for something,” said Mike Rushka, senior.

“I’m very excited! I haven’t stopped talking about it. Everyone is probably so annoyed with me,” said Molly Mitchell, senior.

“I’m just beyond honored. I can’t believe that this is happening. It still doesn’t really feel like it’s real life. That hasn’t really sunk in that I’m going to go see the Pope – the leader of the Catholic Church. But, yeah, crazy excited,” said Rachel Kent, junior.

“Just being in his presence, receiving a blessing from the Pope – being able to hear him in person. It’s one of those things were like it’s different in every circumstance when you see something on TV, it’s different than seeing it in person,” said Matt Cannaday, theology teacher.

To pick these students, Cannaday sent an email to fellow theology teachers asking them to submit names of standout students and after much discussion Rushka, Mitchell and Kent were selected.

They each say the most exciting part about the trip for them is the opportunity for them to grow in their faith.