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It’s not a trip to Minneapolis unless you try a ‘Jucy Lucy’

MINNEAPOLIS (Nexstar) — The Jucy Lucy is a Minnesota staple. The famous burger from Matt’s Bar is one of two restaurants that claim to have the original burger that got its start in the Twin Cities.

According to Amy Feriancek, Matt’s Bar General Manager, the Jucy Lucy creation began at Matt’s back in the 1950’s. “It started here. Matt and a couple of patrons had a lazy afternoon and this patron says hey Matt, why don’t you put a couple of hamburger patties and throw a piece of cheese inside. Let’s see what we get out of it.”

But the name didn’t come until after the first bite.

“When he took a bite, he said whoa that’s one hot Juicy Lucy,” said Feriancek.

Matt put it on the menu less than a year later after requests from customers, but forgot to spell Juicy with an ‘i,’ and never changed it.

Now it’s a must have burger for anyone that comes to visit the Twin Cities.

Feriancek says that she has seen plenty of visitors come in to give this unique burger a try, and many are in town for Super Bowl LII.