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IU Health psychiatrist gives tips on how to mentally reset in 2021

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An IU Health psychiatrist is giving guidance on how to mentally reset for the new year. She says some of it is so simple you can do it at home.

Dr. Anne Gilbert says we have definitely learned what we lost and how to try and stay healthy. We have also learned a lot about ourselves. But how do we mentally reset in 2021?

The vice president of the Virtual Behavioral Health Hub says it’s important to first focus on what you’ve gained. For example, gratitude for what we do have, like family, animals or long walks in the woods.

Dr. Gilbert says there’s no doubt there is a mind-body connection. There are things you can do at home like yoga, meditation or going outside for a walk, run or bicycle ride. She says it’s the little things that can truly impact our mental state.

“I think we’re going to have more opportunities in 2021,” Dr. Gilbert said. “We’ve lived through a really dark time and there’s still some dark times coming up but we can see hope in the future. To get back to some sort of routine where they don’t have to miss what they’ve done in the years past is important. I think people are looking forward to 2021.”

Many of us come up with New Year’s resolutions. Dr. Gilbert believes we should focus on a broad resolution. For example, being healthy or staying active. She says how you fulfill that goal can be different everyday. One day you could go for a walk and the next you could go for a run. You could also set a goal to make a new recipe one night of the week.

Most importantly, Dr. Gilbert says we know how to stay safe and there is light at the end of the tunnel.