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Indiana Grown: Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Pork & Lamb

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Each and every Saturday, WISH-TV highlights a local company together with our partners at Indiana Grown.

This week’s guest is Nikki Royer with Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Pork & Lamb.

Royer talked with News 8’s Hanna Mordoh about the western Indiana farm, what makes it so special, and how it differs from what’s being offered by other Indiana farms and at the grocery store.

“The beef and the lamb, they’re continually on pasture and they’re always grass fed. They don’t get any grain in their diet. We feel like if you keep the animals out in a fresh environment, sunshine, exercise space, you probably really don’t need the antibiotics and the hormones; we let things take their time. We’re not in a hurry to push things along and so we don’t need to use the hormones,” Royer said. “For our hogs and our chickens, they’re raised outside. They’re also supplemented with grain just because they have different dietary needs.”

More information about Royer Farm Fresh can be found on their website.