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Muralist highlights sports icons in Indianapolis

Kwazar Martin, Indy murals

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Tucked away down a small street off 18th Street on the near west side of Indianapolis lies a sprawling and vibrant display that might easily be overlooked by passersby.

Kwazar Martin, known for his striking murals, is captured in a moment of pride, summarized in just a few words: “Big heart, man. Lion Heart.”

The walls, with murals painted by Martin, pay homage to the city’s most-known sports figures. Each mural captures the essence of the athletes frozen in time at the peak of their intensity.

“I liked the intensity in their eyes,” Martin explained. “So, that’s why I use in-game pictures as far as when I’m doing athletes.”

When asked about his inspiration, Martin revealed a simple process.

“I usually just come up with an idea. I’ll find the image that works for me,” Martin said. “These images are actually in-game images that I liked.”

Despite garnering attention for his murals, Martin remained humble.

“I’m still learning and dealing with it right now,” Martin admitted. “(It’s) fresh to me right now. So, I’m still in the process of that.”

Among what he’s created is a mural dedicated to Tyrese Haliburton, the Pacers’ rising All-Star.

“Just the energy that’s going on with the team right now,” Martin explained as to why he chose Haliburton. “What he brings to the game, the chemistry, (I’m) loving it all right now, so had to get him up there.”

Martin’s work hasn’t come without controversy, however. When he painted a mural of Caitlin Clark before being drafted by the Indiana Fever with the first overall pick in April, he faced criticism. However, he remained unfazed.

“Come take a picture with it. I was right,” Martin said.

His latest addition to the srt of murals was an image of Indianpolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson.

“I’ll just bask in the glory of that and let them come get pictures. I don’t have too much to say.” Martin said.