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Resident speaks out on proposed fee increase at HOA

Avon HOA calls for controversial fee increase

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A resident of a Plainfield neighborhood is speaking out on what he says are outrageous homeowners’ association fee increases.

The Meadowlark Lakes & Villas HOA is proposing an annual fee increase that, if passed, could not be reversed by a vote.

Craig Procyk, a resident of the Meadowlark neighborhood, said, “If you’re planning on taking away my right to vote, I would like to be told that. I don’t want it to be hidden in 68 covenant changes.”

Paula Moore, president of the Meadowlark Board of Directors, told News 8 that its management company suggested that when it updates its covenants the board should also build in a fee increase of 10% annually.

The board of directors is proposing a 3 to 5% increase if needed.

Moore said the board is dealing with an $8,000 budget deficit caused mostly by unpaid HOA dues. The board is proposing a one-time 4-1/2% increase effective Jan. 1, and an annual increase from 3-5% that would start in July.

Moore cites major cost increases for groundskeeping, pond maintenance, and snow removal.

Moore said prior to 2021, fees hadn’t increased in 20 years, and, with unpaid homeowners dues mounting, the board was forced to dip into its reserves to pay for basic expenses.

Procyk said, “There are definitely costs that have skyrocketed and gone up, totally out of our control, but that doesn’t mean when we look at our budget I can still try and save money. I can still try and bring costs down.”

Procyk moved to the community in 2021, and has since endured back-to-back years of 17% fee increases. “When I go to the store I can afford to buy things. There may be people in this neighborhood that, yes, they’re not even paying their dues now because they can’t afford to, but what’s going to happen when you keep raising them every sixth month?”

The Meadowlark Lakes HOA will vote on the changes at its annual meeting on Tuesday.