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Tips and resources to help you fix your finances

Financial Capability Interview

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — April is Financial Capability Month and all month long, money experts are offering advice and resources to help you clean up your finances.

Adam Young, area manager at Everwise Credit Union, stopped by Daybreak on Monday to offer some tips.

“You’ve got to know where you are to know where you’re going. There’s two financial documents that really illustrate that to the full extent and that’s your net worth and your cash flow,” Young said.

Young says those two documents allow you to see what your assets (things that you can sell) and liabilities (things that you owe money on) are to get a clear picture of where you are on your financial journey.

Young recommends establishing a good financial foundation by offering financial learning experiences to your children.

“When my kids were young, I used to put them in my cart and have them have a calculator with me. We would push the cart around the grocery store,” Young said.

He suggests allowing children to add up the cost of everything purchased to give them a picture of how and where money is spent.

“I can say, ‘How much did this plate cost?’ Then, we would go back and say, ‘Now if we were to go and get that at a restaurant, what kind of cost would that look like?’” Young said.

For adults who feel that they need to rebuild their financial foundation or find tools to strengthen it, Young recommends online banking.

“There’s a lot of tools, too, that you can kind of start to format to say, ‘How’s my money moving for me?’ The best way to do it is really to use it and work with all the different tools and resources that you have.”

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