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Westfield closes in on bidder for Grand Park purchase

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — The Westfield city government says it has 16 individuals interested in buying or operating Grand Park Sports Complex.

The 400-acre, multisports complex serves as the training camp of the Indianapolis Colts. It also hosts various prep school sports and tournaments, concerts and political rallies

Jake Gilbert, a Republican member of the Westfield City Council, said, “It’s the most unique asset in the Midwest. I don’t think we should sell it. I feel like it serves our people in several ways.”

Proponents of selling Grand Park say while it’s brought in revenue, it isn’t enough money for the city to pay down its debts. The city owes $80 million on the park that opened in 2014.

Gilbert adds that land around Grand Park is also increasing in value. “It’s the identity for our entire city of Westfield. It brings in economic development consistently, and last year we made $2.6 million in profits. II don’t know why we would sell it now.”

Two appraisals have been done on the complex. In an email to News 8, a city spokesperson says interested buyers have until Aug. 8 to review the appraisals and submit a final bid.

No new bidders are being accepted at this time. A city committee will review each of the bids from the 16 interested parties. The Westfield Redevelopment Commission, which operates Grand Park, will make a final decision on the winning bid.

Grand Park cannot be sold below its appraised value.