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What to do if your package is stolen this holiday season

What to do if your package is stolen this holiday season?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As holiday shopping jumps into high gear, an increasing annual anxiety kicks in, too.

More people than ever are reporting missing or stolen packages.

Several surveys underscore the problem: reports that 26% of people have had something stolen at some point; finds it has happened to 17% of all Americans in the last three months alone; Finder reports most losses are from $50 to $150.

Business Insider reporter Jennifer Streaks joined Daybreak Wednesday morning to speak on her column outlining six steps for dealing with deliveries that don’t show up.

Her first step is aimed at heading off panic.

“Track your package,” she told Daybreak. “Make sure that it actually was supposed to be delivered that day that it left the facility, that it left the shipping company carrier’s facility- before you jump to the conclusion that it was stolen.”

If it is indeed missing, Streaks recommends reaching out — in order — to the seller, the shipping company, and possibly the police.

“If it’s a high-end item, that’s probably when you want to file a police report because if you want to engage your credit card protection features … you’re probably going to need a police report for a high-end item or something that’s over a certain dollar amount.”

Streaks pointed out that many credit card companies now tout policies that will cover your losses. She also says big-ticket losses could even be a matter for your homeowners insurance, even if the item never made it to your home.

“One of the hottest items this year is an iPad,” she gives as an example. “iPads are $500 to well over $1,000. If you’re sending it to your grandkid or your student at college and you’re buying one for yourself, and it doesn’t get to you, you’ll want to be reimbursed for those funds.”