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Concern grows, questioning if mass arrests in Iran could lead to mass executions

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Iranian protests continue challenging the regime and many fear the strings of arrest could lead to mass executions. One Iranian woman now living in Indiana hopes to save lives by shining light on the unrest.

Iranians say the regimes brutality goes back decades, and the outrage following a young woman’s death after being arrested by the morality police is just one problem on a long list. Regime opponents say they are looking for other countries to stand with them and condemn what’s happening.

Punishments are now being doled out for some of the Iranian protestors, in the wake of Mahsa Amini’s death in September. CNN reports at least one has been sentenced to death and others have received jail time. Iranian Native Parisa Keywanfard lives in Indiana now, but says with the nations track record, we may need to prepare for more than that.

“It’s just a big prison. Iran is a big prison now. Please just be their voice,” Keywanfard said.

Keywanfard says there are roughly 14,000 jailed protestors, and nearly 80% of parliament voted in favor or executing them.

“I want the US government to open up the internet to protesters that they can be able to take pictures and videos and they will be able to send them through social media or news,” he said.

Keywanfard says she along with others around the globe have been holding weekly meetings virtually, mapping out a plan for what’s next if and when the regime changes. She says a cousin has gone missing in the chaos and the time to act is now.

“We haven’t heard anything. We don’t know if she’s alive, if she’s dead, or if she is okay,” he said.

The hope she says is for global leaders to step in and implement a provisional government because the people on the ground now can only do so much.

“So please be the voice of Iranians. It’s very hard to talk about it. This regime is very brutal. They have no mercy,” he said.

This week also marks the anniversary of a deadly crackdown in Iran back in 2019 that resulted in several hundred deaths.