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Now you can login to Facebook with physical key

LANSING, MI. (WLNS) – Over the past few days, Facebook has slowly rolled out new security features. The biggest surprise was the ability to use a physical key to log into your account.

The easiest key to get your hands on is from Yubico. The most standard key retails at $18.00 and Amazon is an authorized reseller.

This USB-based key acts as the second step in a two-step verification process. It’s similar to Gmail’s two step verification but instead of sending codes to your cell phone, the code is already programmed in your key. All you have to do is log into your Facebook account and add your key in the settings.

Every time you login, Facebook will still ask you for your password. This simply acts as a barrier in case your physical card gets stolen.

Security experts really like physical USB-based keys because they are nearly immune to phishing and other hacking techniques.

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