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Number of injuries involving avocados on the rise

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Avocados are known for its healthy fats, pebbly skin, and big pit in the middle. They have been getting a bad reputation lately and have sent people to the ER and not because of their taste.

It is known as “Avocado Hand” and happens when someone attempts to slice the fruit, misses, and cuts their hand. Doctors say they are seeing more cases of this.

“In the last year, I would say I’ve seen at least two or three patients who have come in specifically with that injury. We see tendon lacerations fairly frequently but to have them associated with cutting avocados has definitely been an increase,” said doctor of orthopedic hand surgery, Michael DiDonna.”

When buying avocados, people should buy ones that are more ripe and are slightly squishy to the touch. Ripe avocados will be deep purple in color or almost black. Those are much easier to cut.

Avocados do not ripen on the tree, the ripen when picked. When slicing the fruit, people should always cut away from them.

A cut to the hand could leave a minor cut or be as serious as nerve damage.

“It’s very dangerous because if that knife slips and your hand is on the other side of that then you can penetrate your hand and it can be a very devastating injury,” DiDonna added.

If a mishap happens while the fruit is being cut, pressure to the hand should be applied right away and then seek medical attention.

If a cut is deep enough and not rehabbed properly, it could cause serious scaring and tendon adhesions.

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