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Personnel injured by inmate at county jail facilities

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Marion County sheriff’s deputy suffered a broken nose, cuts and memory loss after being attacked Friday morning by an inmate.

Court records show it was the second time that morning that Wytwaine Jackson, 22, had reportedly attacked a corrections officer.

In the most recent attack that happened around 11:45 a.m. Friday, Marion County Sheriff’s Cpl. Brent Smith was placing another inmate inside a cell at the Marion County Arrestee Processing Center when Jackson struck him in the face.

A female deputy, Cpl. Tonia Dixon, was first on the scene and witnessed “Jackson actively striking Cpl. Brent Smith with a closed fist to his head several times,” the court records state.

The series of blows left Smith on the ground, where the court records allege he was then kicked in the head by Jackson. Additional deputies came to Smith’s aid and told Jackson to stop his assault. He complied under the threat of being hit with a Taser, the court records state.

Smith was then taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital with a broken nose, multiple cuts to his face and multiple lumps on his head.

About 9 a.m. Friday, Jackson had been accused of assaulting a corrections officer at the Duvall Residential Center, a Marion County Community Corrections program facility.  According to the court records, Officer Gray told a sheriff’s deputy that Jackson told him “I will f— you up like I did the other officer.” Confused by that statement and unsure what he was referring to, Gray told deputies that he told Jackson to calm down. That’s when, according to the court records, Gray says Jackson got in his face. Efforts to subdue him then resulted in Gray being punched several times in the head before calling for back up.

A call placed to the Duvall Residential Center’s manager was not returned Monday afternoon.

But the graphic images of Smith’s injuries obtained by I-Team 8 show a broken nose, bruising and lumps to Smith’s head.

Jackson now faces charges of aggravated battery, two counts of battery on a public safety officer and resisting law enforcement.

Video caught Jackson hitting a part-time officer Chevis Gray at Duvall Residence Center, 1848 Ludlow Ave., court documents said. Gray received a knot on his head and a scratch on his arm, and was treated at a MedCheck facility.

Jackson in April was sentenced to a year of community correction as part of a plea bargain agreement on a charge of battery resulting in bodily injury.

I-Team 8 showed the images of the attack on Smith to city-county councillors Zach Adamson and Jeff Miller.

“Oh, my gosh. That poor guy, wow,” said Miller, a Republican on the City-County Council. “It sounds like this person needs to be away for a little while. That’s pretty awful. I’ve seen the images and that’s distressing to say the least. But it raises this question of folks who are in jail, how do we address the societal issues,” Miller said, adding that he hopes the new jail facility and criminal justice complex being planned for the Twin Aire neighborhood will provide the additional resources necessary to combat concerns about jail overcrowding, officer safety and the mental health concerns of inmates.

Adamson had his own concerns after viewing the images provided to I-Team 8.

“(Was) this deputy was he alone? I don’t know that that’s a good idea to have any officer alone when the doors are open for the cells whether you are putting someone in or taking someone out,” he said.

Adamson’s district includes the Arrestee Processing Center.

Jackson is set to appear in court on Tuesday, according to online court records.Never miss another Facebook post from WISH-TV