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State auditor title to undergo name change

Money (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As Gov. Eric Holcomb signed state budget legislation last week, the bill will allow the name change from state auditor to state comptroller to go into effect July 1, the Indiana Auditor of State announced Friday.

Indiana Auditor of State Tera Klutz says in the statement released Friday that the change comes from a “frequent and logical misconception” of the state auditor, with the common belief being that the auditor audits the state, local units of government, or individuals.

Klutz says in reality, different departments of Indiana’s government take charge of the tasks commonly associated with the auditor, as the auditor is in charge of all the state’s funds.

Klutz says the name change to comptroller will be more accurate to what the position does.

“Comptroller provides a more appropriate title that aligns with the services we provide. We balance the state’s checkbook, pay state employees, and distribute tax dollars, among other responsibilities,” Klutz said in a release.

Klutz also says that the responsibilities of the office won’t change, and all previous documents with “auditor” will remain valid.

Upon this change, Indiana will join 19 other states who refer to their state’s chief financial officer as the state comptroller or comptroller.