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Riggs: Drones need firm rules, regulations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Public Safety Department’s Director Troy Riggs understands drones are part of the future and present.

“Drones are here to stay, we need to make sure the laws and ordinances catch up with it,” said Riggs.

This comes after drones were spotted in Indy at funerals for police Officer Perry Renn, and Officer Rod Bradway. The flying cameras were seen at major events in the city.

Just this week drones made national headlines. One crashed the White House lawn, and this week the NFL told drone owners not to use the device during the Super Bowl.

“Those are some real concerns we need to have some firm rules and regulations,” said Riggs.

In the future, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has not ruled out purchasing drones for investigations. No timeline has been given on if that will happen.

Currently there are million dollar grants available to help police departments purchase drones. Riggs believes the devices can help the department if they are used in the right way.

“Think of Richmond Hills, if we could have got some aerial footage that could have helped us fight that fire,” said Riggs.