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Stadium seats let fans get close to NFL action

US Bank Stadium is one of the best venues in the NFL. Its seats are closer to the action than any in the NFL. It has an incredible fan experience, and come Sunday it will play host to the biggest game in football.

“The community worked on it for 12 years with the legislature to get it funded and then it took four years to designed and build it. So it actually took 16 years from the day we started to the day we opened it and now a couple years later we’re hosting Super Bowl 52.” said Lester Bagley, the Vice President of Public Affairs for the Vikings.

Bagley said the reason THIS building was built was to host the Big Game.

The stadium opened in 2016. It seats over 66,000 and even though it’s fairly new, the folks in Minneapolis believe it will grab the attention of America.

“It’s got this 60 percent clear roof which lets the natural light in and then the west side to the pivoting doors…they have five 95 foot x 55 foot doors that are the largest in the world that open. So it’s kind of an indoor-outdoor building, but we’ll make it an indoor building for the Super Bowl,” said Bagley

And what about the halftime show with Justin Timberlake? Bagley feels this stadium is the PERFECT venue for that.

“We’ve had a Prince Tribute here, we’ve had lots of good music, we’ve had Metallica, we’ve had U2 so the building has had some great concerts and the NFL with the Justin Timberlake halftime show is really exciting,” Bagley said.