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Still no timeline on when Andrew Luck will return

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As the Indianapolis Colts hold minicamp this week, Andrew Luck can only watch.

“There’s no timetable. Am I hopeful? Am I praying? Yeah, so is everybody. We all want him out there,” said Coach Chuck Pagano.

Another workout, another missed opportunity for Luck to get in physical reps. The quarterback remains on the mend after shoulder surgery this offseason.

“It’s not fun to stand on the sidelines, but I understand when you have a surgery, you understand what goes into that decision,” said Luck. “The consequences of that are there are going to be some things you’re going to miss. So I try to one, focus on rehab, and two, try to help the guys standing there.”

Although forced to the sidelines, Luck takes mental snaps while watching, and constantly coaches up his teammates. But according to Luck, he has found other ways to stay sharp.

“Meetings are very important. We have a nice, virtual reality room. So that’s been a nice addition to what I can do, and sort of get in there and see things from the quarterback perspective,” said Luck.

A lot of unknowns surround Luck’s shoulder status, including if he’ll participate in training camp. But both Pagano and the quarterback hope he will get to throwing.

“We’re just taking it one day at a time. Then there’s obviously going to be a number, a pitch count on that. And he’s going to have to continue to build from the ground floor up,” said Pagano.

“Absolutely approaching, I’m not going to get into the specifics, the dates, timelines,” said Luck. “Timelines are unfair to everybody involved. So that’s what we’re working for, that’s the stuff to work towards.”

Sticking to the process, and not pushing it. It is business as usual for Andrew Luck. But he assures fans they have nothing to worry about regarding his shoulder come time for the season.

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