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Tech star’s kindergarten teacher cheers him on

LUBBOCK, Tex. (KLBK) — Tech basketball star Jarrett Culver was born and raised right here in Lubbock. All of his teachers are rooting for him.

“It’s been wonderful, it’s been something my family kind of needed, I got hit with cancer in October and it’s been a such wonderful blessing to have that as our focus,” said Kimberly Matthews, Culver’s kindergarten teacher at Wester Elementary. “I’m proud of him.”

Matthews, a lifelong educator, taught Culver in kindergarten. However, she was introduced to the Culver family because both of his older brothers were also in her class.

“We’ve stayed close and I love them,” Matthews said. “In fact, Caden has always looked up to them, we would go watch him play JJ and Trey.”

A just 5-years-old, she knew Culver was meant for great things. She said always been a role model, and the relationship he has with her son inspires her.

“He wanted his birthday to be Culver’s vs Curry’s, and so the Culver boys played all these itty bitty boys dressed up in Curry clothes,” Matthews said. “They were really kind to do that because that’s a lot of little boys.”

She said she wishes she could be in Minnesota tonight to be there for him.

His second grade teacher, Larry Littrell also has fond memories of Culver in his classroom.

“It’s just amazing to see somebody from our little school here in Lubbock, to where they’re at right now,” Littrell said.

Matthews is so proud of Culver and all of his accomplishments.

“I don’t wanna tear up over it, but Jarrett you’re an amazing role model, and there’s so many people that look up to you and I know for the rest of their life they will,” Matthews said.