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The coldest air of the winter moves in tonight

drew saturday


Expect intermittent snow showers in the early evening, followed by cloudy skies and breezy conditions. Temperatures will drop to near zero, accompanied by a wind chill advisory effective from 7 PM tonight until 1 PM Sunday. Anticipate extreme wind chills ranging from -20 to -25.


Brace for a frigid day with mostly cloudy skies and breezy weather. The high is expected to hover around 10 degrees. Wind chill values may plunge to between -20 and -25 at times.


The arctic air continues to assert its dominance over Indianapolis. Expect the mercury to hover around zero degrees, with the possibility of it dipping even lower during the night. Wind chills are likely to remain brutally cold, potentially reaching around -20°F. The sky will likely be partly cloudy, with a chance of isolated flurries or very light snow, due to the condensed atmosphere and minimal moisture levels. However, no significant snowfall is expected.


Monday in Indianapolis will continue to feel the grip of the cold spell. The forecast suggests it will be another very cold day, with daytime temperatures struggling to rise significantly. High pressure to the southwest means no warm air advection to alleviate the frigid conditions. As a result, temperatures will likely remain well below the freezing mark throughout the day. Additionally, there is a small chance of light snow in the evening, particularly in southern parts of central Indiana. With the high snow ratios, even a slight amount of precipitation could lead to measurable snow accumulation.

8-Day Forecast

A persistent arctic chill will dominate Indiana, keeping temperatures below freezing from today until next weekend. While no major weather systems are expected, there’s a possibility of light snowfall Monday night into Tuesday and again on Thursday. The key focus will be the overnight lows, which are forecasted to remain around zero from Saturday night through Tuesday night, with significantly lower wind chills.