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The Corner Bar honors Indy blues icon Gene Deer

Photograph of Gene Deer. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Music lovers gathered to honor the late blues legend Gene Deer at The Corner Bar on Sunday. The event not only celebrated his memory, but also aimed to support a fundraiser in his name.

John Gray, Gene’s drummer for ten years, shared, “He was like a big brother to me. Truly missed, Gene meant the world to our musical community. He was a great friend and a deeply soulful person.”

Musicians took the stage, sharing stories of Gene’s influence on the Indianapolis music scene. Gordon Bonham, another musician, recalled, “He was a great entertainer, always pushing us to do our best. We weren’t rivals; we inspired each other.”

Paul Holdman, echoing Bonham’s sentiment, said, “Gene raised the bar, not just in playing, but in making performances entertaining. He always delivered.”

Fans showed support by contributing through raffle tickets, posters, and memorabilia purchases. Sherri Purcell, a close friend of Gene, shared, “Musicians here want to honor and lift him up. Their recording of Gene moved everyone, showing the outpouring of love.”

Erin Deer, Gene’s daughter, expressed her thoughts, “Growing up, I knew these people. Seeing everyone hits home; there’s a lot of love and support.”