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Trump campaign hires Indiana Republican

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Donald Trump is shaking up his campaign staff and an Indiana Republican has been hired to fill a key role.

Kevin Kellems is a Republican political consultant who works out of Madison in southern Indiana. He’s been an aide to Dick Lugar and an adviser to Dan Coats.

He served as Vice President Dick Cheney’s press secretary and once ran for Congress in Indiana.

The New York Times reported that Kellems has been hired to manage surrogates, the high profile supporters who will make appearances on behalf of Donald Trump.

Kellems indicated to 24-Hour News 8 that he is unable to speak on the record but directed us to the Times article.

The southern Indiana Republican has worked in Washington off an on and was working in the Pentagon when it was attacked on September 11.

In 2002 he showed us how the Pentagon was rebuilt using Indiana limestone. Kellems was a top aide to Secrety of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, but he may be best known for a cameo in Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

When Moore highlighted the vanity of members of the Bush Administration, it was Kellems who was seen helping Wolfowitz fix his hair.

The Huffington Post reported this story with a headline that says: “Donald Trump Hires The Man Who Used His Saliva To Groom Paul Wolfowitz’s Hair.”

Others have been less than complimentary as well. One Indiana Republican used Twitter to accuse Kellems of going to the dark side.