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Trump’s comments put youth organizations in overdrive

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – Teaching young men to respect women is just one goal of a local youth organization.

But after Donald Trump’s comments about women were released over the weekend, the founder of Boys II Men, Inc said it’s proof there’s more work to do.

On a weekly basis they meet with over 70 teenagers.

“The things that Donald Trump is actually saying is kind of going against the mindset of what our country is trying to do with our young people,” said Dr. Lars Rascoe, the co-founder and president of the organization.

For 23 years Rascoe has mentored boys how to be men.

“Help these young men realize that there’s a position that they’re supposed to take without beating down, or pushing down or making women feel like they’re subservient,” he said.

They cater to boys from elementary school to high school.

“I think it’s becoming more and more important that men step up, programs step up. Develop these young men that are going  to do a better job of being supportive  of wives and children,” he said.

Trump apologized for his comments, by saying they were nothing more than “locker room talk.”

Rascoe meets with the young men twice a week. They’re often divided into two different age groups.

They’re also always looking for volunteers.