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UVA fans still celebrating historic win

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — UVA fans welcomed home the men’s basketball team with cheers in celebration of their national championship win. Throughout town, there was excitement in the air. 

“I jumped up with joy and tears in my eyes,” said Tearle Sims, a lifelong UVA fan.

“We’re all fourth year so it’s sad to leave but at the same time everyone comes back so UVA stays with you,” said Catie Bulger, a UVA student.

The mood on campus was celebratory. In some instances, maybe a little too celebratory.

“Hard to replicate the amount of energy that was here last night,” says UVA student Christian Andrews.

The season and the final game was an exciting one, but also stressful for some.

“It was amazing. I don’t think my heart could take another game though after the last three games,” says lifelong fan Corey Cummings. 

“It was like are we going to win, are we going to lose? So I’ lm just back and forth thinking we’re going to lose the whole time but thinking we’re going to win,” says Sims. 

“I kept checking my pulse,” says Bulger. 

But in the end, the Hoos got what they were waiting for — the title and the opportunity to welcome the men’s basketball national champions home.