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Weather Blog: Saturday Night Forecast

Tonight: Scattered showers and storms stay active until around sundown where they will begin to fade. None of these storms are expected to become severe. It will be quiet but warm and sticky tonight with a light breeze out of the west at 5 MPH. Low temperature in the mid 60s.

Tomorrow: Sunday start of bright but hazy and stays that way the entire day. The haze is from northern wildfires which will bring a noticeable murk to the skies tomorrow. Air quality alerts have been issued for the Indianapolis area tomorrow. Despite the hazy skies, we will still have plenty of afternoon heat. High temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 80s with moderate amounts of humidity. Winds breezy out of the west at 10-15 MPH.

Tomorrow Night: Smoky conditions continue but the clear skies won’t. Overnight a wave of storms will move in from the northwest. Most storms are expected to stay garden variety and not become severe. Low temperature in the mid 60s.

8 Day: Much of next week will include decent amounts of heat and humidity along with some storms and showers thrown into the mix. By late Thursday and into the weekend we should stay dry with moderate temperatures in the lower 80s.