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Quiet and comfortable week ahead

Marcus’ 4 a.m. Tuesday forecast

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Slightly below average temperatures with limited rain chances expected this week.

This morning:

We’re starting the day off relatively quiet, with mainly clear skies and comfortable temperatures. Numbers are hovering right around 60° across the state.


Expect mostly sunny conditions for the first half of the day. Partly cloudy conditions evolve as we head into the afternoon. A quick-hitting shortwave could bring a couple of pop-up thunderstorms to the area around dinner time.

Highs will top out into the mid-70s.

Tuesday night:

Some scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue as we head into the late night and early overnight hours. We should see most of that rain pushed to the east as we get closer to daybreak.

Overnight lows fall to the mid-50s.


Wednesday should be a dry day for most. There could be a few lingering showers with cloud cover in the eastern portions of our state. The rest of us should have mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with cooler temperatures. Highs will top out into the lower 70s.

Late week:

Thursday and Friday will both be dry days with warming temperatures. Expect sunshine on Thursday, with highs in the low 70s. Mid- to upper-70s are expected for Friday.

8 day forecast:

The pattern will become a little more active heading into the weekend and beyond. Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms, with a disturbance moving through on Saturday. We’ll also have a round of showers and thunderstorms possibly heading into Sunday, Monday, and possibly Tuesday of next week. Temperatures will also be warming closer to 80° starting this weekend and could surge into the mid-80s early next week.