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Local Jewelry Maker Has Unique Technique

2023-12-24 – BE&O SuSt

When Rebecca Zink opened her business in 201 Studios, she set out to create unique jewelry and designs influenced by more than just contemporary metalwork.  

With an undergraduate degree from Ball State and a master’s degree in fine arts, Rebecca opened Zink Metals in the historic 201 Studios. After a residency at the Stutz Building, Zink came to 201 Studios to work with its community of artists, woodworkers, and other creators.

Zink says she takes inspiration for her art from blacksmithing as well as metalsmithing. With unique earrings that combine the use of contrasting metals, Zink readily admits, “I’m a metal junkie.”

Trying to keep up with the modern demands of business like marketing and social media, she also says, “It’s not just creating anymore.” But as a self-described “highly motivated” business person, Zink is ready to take on the challenge of both creating jewelry and growing her business.