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Touchdown RV Helps Families Make Vacation Memories 

2024-03-31 – BE&O IF

Located in Zionsville, Touchdown RV provides RV rentals for tailgates, family vacations, wedding parties, and more.  

Dating back to the 1930s, northern Indiana has been the capital of the RV manufacturing world. The business of renting and selling RVs can be volatile depending on the season, but overall, Touchdown RV owner Keith Dix says it’s a great business that he fell in love with many years ago.      

Dix says there are many reasons someone might want to rent or buy an RV. From Colts fans using the vehicles for game days to families setting out on cross-country trips, Dix highlighted the benefits of renting an RV.     

Included in those benefits is the ability to bypass the hassle of navigating an airport and TSA security when taking a vacation. “An RV really allows you to enjoy the journey,” Dix says. And when it comes to driving the large machines, Dix says, “It’s all courage.” He also mentioned that a special license is not required to drive most RVs, and with a little training and guidance, most of his customers have no problem driving off his lot and on to their vacation.