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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Shear Elegance Beauty Spa

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ursurla Shelton says the idea for her business, the Shear Elegance Beauty Spa, came from her passion for discovering how our skin works.

She first discovered that passion way before she founded her own skin care service.

“It comes from my youth, looking at people’s skin and trying to figure out what’s going on up underneath the skin,” said Shelton. “I went to school and got the information and I was very fascinated so it just makes me continue to learn more about the skin and the cells.”

Shelton says she hopes by getting the word out about her spa and skin care service, near 36th Street and Sherman Drive, she can show customers that when it comes to skin she can “do it all.”

You can schedule an appointment online or call 317-983-8143.