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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Trust Hardware comes to downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Adam Taylor says when Trust Hardware went from being an idea to being a business, they wanted to build a reputation on one thing: community first.

Now, with the opening of its third 24-hour store, that reputation is growing in Indianapolis.

Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been able to serve the needs of customers.

“It was a blessing and a curse,” Taylor’s friend and director of operations, Kevin Bates, said. “A blessing because we were open 24 hours so it helped people.”

“Honestly, we never closed a single hour during the whole pandemic,” Taylor added. “We were there for the community and it really made a big difference.”

They pride themselves on having a variety of items for people to choose from.

“The hard part is not just what to carry, it’s what not to carry and how many to carry,” Taylor said. “I like to think we’re going to try and be your everything store.”

They also have something at all three locations that you might not find at other hardware stores: greetings from Labrador retrievers. They’ve used it as another way to make customers feel at home.

“We literally have people come from other locations, it could be eight miles away, just because they want to see the dogs,” Bates said.

Taylor says Bates is a big part of the store, and now someone he calls friend. After joining the company, Bates started off making $10 an hour, but his ideas and his expertise with technology helped him teach Taylor how to run the business more efficiently.

“I tell him all the time that I didn’t know what he had,” Taylor said.

With hope for the future of their growing business, they continue to add inventory to their new location on downtown’s Massachusetts Avenue based on the needs of the community. In the meantime, they want people to know Trust Hardware is hiring.

“We’re growing, we’re needing to bring people in so if you got anybody that you know or if you’re interested come to any of our stores,” Taylor said.

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