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Drink of the Week: Finnish Long Drink Company

Drink of the Week: Drink of the Week: Finnish Long Drink Company

In Finland in 1952, after World War II, the country was getting ready to host the 1952 Summer Games.

The government wanted to make sure visitors from all over the world could get drinks quickly.

So, they asked for a new kind of drink to be made.

This drink had to be refreshing and fast to serve.

That’s when the first long drinks were created.

Now, 70 years later, a new group of Finns wanted to share their special drink with the world.

They wanted people in America to taste it too.

So, they made it available there, with different flavors.

This drink is a big part of Finnish culture and it’s something they’re proud of.

It’s called the Finnish Long Drink. It brings people together from different places and ages.

Kelly Miller, State Manager at The Long Drink Company, joined us Thursday morning to share more information.

It’s best enjoyed with friends, both old and new. Kippis! (That’s Finnish for cheers!)