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Indy Winter Farmers Market comes back to town!

INDY Winter Farmers Market

The Indy Winter Farmers Market has been in town for over 15 years now. They bring locally sourced items to Indianapolis throughout the winter season. The market works with various local vendors to bring dollars back into our community rather than sending them out.

At the winter farmers market you’ll find over 80 vendors selling their goods. These vendors include local farmers, food producers, and small businesses. They offer fresh produce, dessert treats, kitchen essential items like cutting boards, body care, spices, meat, dairy, and much more each time they come in town!

Indy Winter Farmers Market has provided a venue for Indiana’s sustainably minded family farms and food producers to sell products throughout the fall and winter. This is essential in Indianapolis because when the cold comes it is very hard to find fresh local food items.

“We really exist to elevate businesses like Howdy Homemade Ice Cream and their mission and the other vendors, we have so many folks that make a product and can get a social benefit with what their doing and that is what we are about” said Laura Henderson Interim ED from Growing Places Indy.

This season community event is in town for it’s 15th season on November 11, 2023 and runs every Saturday until April 27, 2024.

The Markey is located at The AMP at 16 tech, free parking is also provided during market hours.

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