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2 dogs found wrapped in plastic in Muncie

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Two dogs wrapped in plastic were found Saturday on Muncie’s south side near the Cardinal Greenway, which is a popular riding trail in the city. Authorities say one dog may have been there for some time but someone may have placed the other there more recently.

Action for Animals – a rescue group in Muncie – received a tip Saturday afternoon about the two dogs. Two kids riding their bikes in the area found the two pit bulls – tossed out like trash – behind a small embankment in a trash covered area.

“It’s always heartbreaking to see this,” said Melissa Blair, a member of Muncie’s Animal Care Services Board.

It’s evidence, Blair said, that dog fighting in Muncie is still an issue.

“We did notice that they did have puncture wounds and marks on their face consistent with dog fighting,” Blair said.

Muncie police say dog fighting in the city is sporadic but Blair said the community probably doesn’t know it goes on as much as it does.

“It’s an age old problem that we’ve been fighting for a long time,” she said. “I don’t know if there’s a magic answer to it, I wish there was.”

Blair – who has been involved in animal rescue for 18 years – said pit bulls are the breed most commonly used in dog fighting.

“In my year’s I’ve come across amazing wonderful pit bulls,” she said. “And I just feel so sorry for the breed that they are being used in this manner.”

Blair wants residents to report anything suspicious – from properties with numerous pit bulls to those who look like they’re being used as bait dogs.

“They’re just commodities to these people – they’re not pets,” she said. “They’re not living creatures, souls that are beautiful, loved. They are just made to make money for them.”

And thrown out, she said, when they’ve served their purpose.

“These dogs, maybe they didn’t perform well, maybe they lost in the fight,” Blair said. “We’ll just never really know the reason they were there.”

Blair said those who run dog fighting operations typically try to fly under the radar and not do anything to call attention to themselves.

“This was not a very good call,” she said. “The animals were found and it just does show again that fighting is alive and well unfortunately.”

Police said they have no witnesses or suspects in the case at the moment but plan to keep it open for a while.

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