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5 shot, 1 arrested in police-involved shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There was an arrest made by police on Monday of a 20-year-old male in the police-involved shooting on Sunday morning.

Police have not released his name, to give detectives an opportunity to show his mug shot to other potential witnesses.

Five people were shot in the 1200 block of Indiana Avenue when a large party turned into a police-involved shooting.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said officers were called to The Tyler apartment complex around 1:30 Sunday morning on a report of a loud disturbance. Upon arrival, officers heard several gunshots coming from inside the apartment building.

IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn said, “As they were coming up the stairs they were met by some armed individuals. It appears those individuals may have been involved or may not have been involved, but they exchanged gunfire with officers in the hallway. They then ran. They left their guns and weapons behind.”

According to police, as many as 150 people gathered inside one of the units at the apartment complex for an unsanctioned party. Police said an altercation occurred that spilled into the hallway in which gunshots were fired. It’s believed those are the shots officers heard while responding to the disturbance call.

Of the five people hit by bullets, EMS transported two to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. A short time later three unknown men arrived at Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital with gunshot wounds. Police said the three men were involved in the officer-involved shooting.

Mark Rosenberger said he was sleeping in an apartment unit near where the party was taking place.

“I woke up early in the morning to what now I know to be gunshots right outside my apartment,” Rosenberger said. “I woke up probably 30 minutes to a hour later with seven or eight cops coming in my room with their guns and their flashlights and everything just trying to figure everything out. So that kind of scared me too.”

Rosenberger said investigators found a bullet hole in his unit’s bathroom wall and the bullet had landed about two feet from where he was sleeping.

“So that was kind of a pretty scary moment this morning,” Rosenberger said.

Brooke Wintz lives one floor below where the party and officer-involved shooting happened.

She said,”I know there was a party and there was a fight in the hallway. Wintz added, “I just think alcohol was involved and a fight happened and it just led to bad things.”

IMPD said the five people who were shot were hit in the arms and leg and as of Tuesday afternoon were in good condition.

No arrests have been made as police are reviewing surveillance from inside the apartment complex.

Police said there were two security officers working at the apartment complex, one responsible for security inside and the other responsible for security outside, however they were unable to control the large crowd of people.

The two IMPD officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave, a standard procedure for any officer-involved shooting investigation.