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Abused pit bull puppy gets a second chance

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An abused puppy in Fort Wayne named Love has been given a second chance at life after being rescued.

Love, an eight-month-old pit bull mix, was rescued by Animal Care and Control in Fort Wayne with a muzzle taping his mouth shut, which caused extreme swelling. Bite marks dotted his face. After quickly tending to his wounds, Animal Care and Control turned Love over to Allen County SPCA. to see him through to adoption.

According to a press release from the Allen County SPCA, the first thing you notice about Love is, well…how loving he is. He wants nothing more than to bed held and cuddled. He loves people, and he loves attention. If it weren’t for the marks stilly faintly visible on his face, you wouldn’t know he has a painful history and reason to mistrust humans.

The Allen County SPCA is committed to finding Love a permanent home. For more information Love and all the SPCA’s adoptable animals, visit their website.

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