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Alert stranger helps IMPD catch armed burglar in the act

Stranger’s phone call helps catch armed burglar at Fountain Square business

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A burglar with a gun was caught red-handed by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department early Monday morning.

It could have turned out very differently, if not for a mysterious stranger.

Paul Dijak-Robinson still doesn’t know who heard the glass shattering from a side door of My Pet Carnivore.

But in some ways, the business co-owner is not surprised.

My Pet Carnivore was operating as usual Monday evening on Shelby Street, just south of Fountain Square. A delivery driver was picking up an entire box truck of frozen pet food for customers around the country.

But hours earlier, surveillance video caught a man with a backpack walking along the building. He picked up a giant piece of concrete and threw it through the door, then running off.

Ten minutes later he comes back into view when no one showed up.

He makes entry around 2 a.m.

Yet, unknown to him, someone had heard and called police.

Dijak-Robinson still doesn’t know who.

“It was a Good Samaritan,” he said. “If you’re out there, I want to say thank you so very much because without that tip-off, it would have been a much different situation, much more unsettling.”

The thief stole a pair of laptops from the office upstairs.

Finally, police arrive and enter the darkened business with guns drawn.

“I watched the video. It was intense. My hats off to them,” said Dijak-Robinson.

More surveillance video reveals the thief.

Police said they caught Christopher McCallister, 19, on top of a fridge.

There were no shots fired, though McCallister had a handgun and ammo.

With the broken glass and concrete now in the dumpster and both laptops back in the office, Dijak-Robinson knows it could have been “a lot, lot worse.”

He’s not surprised though. He’s lived four blocks away for almost 20 years now.

“We really do tend to watch out for each other,” he said. “That’s a really great thing about living in Fountain Square. People really do care about the place.”

He won’t forget to turn on those motions sensors anymore.

But he’s not concerned this is the start of a trend.

After all, he’s got some good neighbors nearby, whoever they are.

“Thank you to the person who called in,” Dijak-Robinson said. “Thank you to the police officers that responded. More than anything else, we are incredibly grateful.”

My Pet Carnivore is just two blocks away from the IMPD headquarters for the southeast district.

Dijak-Robinson plans to get some glass break sensors installed soon, though that’s going to cost up to $2,000.

McCallister faces four preliminary charges including burglary with a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun with prior convictions.

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