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Angi’s ‘Skilled Trades Report’ 2024

Angi’s Skilled Trades Report 2024

Angi, a company that helps with home improvement, just put out a report about skilled trades in America.

This report talks about how people who do skilled jobs like plumbing or carpentry are really happy with their work.

Even though some folks worry that robots might take their jobs, most skilled workers feel pretty safe.

According to Angi’s data, 90% of skilled workers are happy with what they do.

This is a big deal, especially when you compare it to other jobs.

Angie Hicks, who helped start Angi, says that while other industries might worry about robots taking over, skilled workers aren’t too concerned.

Many of them are excited to see how robots can make their work even better.

Here are some important things from the report:

  1. Not Worried About Robots: Most skilled workers don’t think robots will take their jobs. Only 11% are worried about it.
  2. They Love Their Jobs: Almost 90% of skilled workers are happy with what they do. This number has gone up since the pandemic.
  3. Not Enough Workers: Many skilled workers say they could do more if they had more help. But it’s hard to find people who want to do these jobs. Some businesses are offering good pay and flexible hours to attract workers.
  4. Younger Workers: Most younger skilled workers think there aren’t enough people in their field. They also think younger folks don’t join because they think these jobs aren’t cool.

To fix the problem of not enough workers, Angi has some plans:

  1. Scholarships: They’re giving money to students who want to learn trades, so they can afford school.
  2. Job Help: They’re helping connect people who want trade jobs with businesses that need workers.
  3. Spreading the Word: They’re making videos and social media posts to show that skilled jobs are important and cool.

So, Angi is trying to make sure there are enough skilled workers for the future.