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ICYMI:1978 Star Wars Jawa figure discovered

Rare Star Wars collectible up for grabs

In a galaxy not so far away, specifically Kings Langley, UK, a Star Wars treasure hunt unfolded in the most unexpected place – a dusty loft.

Imagine the excitement of the former Marvel UK Art Director who stumbled upon the rarest gem of them all: a 1978 Star Wars Jawa figure by Palitoy.

Having already struck gold with a similar find in the past, this Marvel went on a quest for another, and lo and behold, the Force was with him!

With the discovery confirmed as one of the rarest carded Star Wars figures, complete with its original vinyl cape, the anticipation among Star Wars aficionados is reaching lightspeed.

Excalibur Auctions, the Jedi Council of Toys and Collectables auctions, is gearing up for a thrilling battle of bids on January 27, 2024.

With only 10-15 known examples in the galaxy, this Jawa figure promises to be the stuff of legends, and the auctioneer, Jonathan Torode, is ready for a warp-speed auction.

Brace yourselves Star Wars fans for the bidding adventure of a lifetime! May the bids be with you!