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‘Jog for Jax’ fundraiser to help 2-year-old get kidney transplant

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH)– A community is planning a fun jog to rally around a 2-year-old boy in need of a new kidney.

The battle for Jax Sutton’s life started before he was even born.

“Before he was born, we weren’t sure if he would make it,” Sutton’s aunt, Celeste Stanley, said.

Stanley says doctors even thought about performing surgery on Sutton while he was in the womb. Sutton was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

Jax Sutton/ Courtesy: Sutton Family

Even though he made it, Sutton still had a long way to get to a healthy life.

Meanwhile, Stanley says the resilient toddler has kept his spirits up, all while taking up to 13 medications a day.

“It’s amazing and inspiring because he’s just so joyful,” Stanley said. “He’s got these tubes coming out of his body and he’s always had a smile on his face. Honestly, I’ve hardly seen the kid cry. He has joy, no matter what.”

Jax Sutton/ Courtesy: Sutton Family
Jax Sutton/Courtesy: Sutton Family

In what started as some visits to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio, the Suttons would link up with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

The Jog for Jaxevent will serve as a fundraiser to help COTA assist the Sutton family with transplant-related expenses. People participating can join the “kid-friendly” jog in the Lake Forest neighborhood near Hazel Dell Parkway.

The goal for the fundraiser is $5,000. The ultimate goal for the family’s expenses would be $60,000 to help cover long-term treatment and medical bills after the procedure.

The event, which will also include a 13 year-old live DJ, is happening Sunday, March 6, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Click HERE to sign up for the jog or HERE to buy a “COTA for Jax” shirt.

Jax Sutton/ Courtesy: Sutton Family