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Tasty Takeout: Taste of Innova

We have a delicious treat in store for you today on “Tasty Takeout”! Joining us in the studio are the fabulous owners of Taste of Innova, Monique Hawkins and Kara Hawkins. These talented culinary entrepreneurs are no strangers to the show, and we’re excited to have them back.

Monique and Kara have been serving up mouthwatering dishes that delight taste buds and satisfy cravings. Their innovative approach to food, blending flavors and textures from various cuisines, has made Taste of Innova a favorite among food enthusiasts. Today, they will be sharing some of their signature dishes, dishing out cooking tips, and perhaps even revealing some exciting news about their culinary ventures. Get ready to indulge in a conversation filled with delectable flavors and culinary inspiration as we dive into the world of Taste of Innova with Monique and Kara.

(WISH Photo)