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Bar owner apologizes after hurtful comment goes viral

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – A Warwick restaurant is apologizing after a local man claimed his recent dinner was ruined by a cruel joke.

The incident reportedly happened at the All Stars Bar and Grill on Airport Road.

Dillon Arnold told Eyewitness News by phone on Wednesday that he went to All Stars to grab a drink with some friends after a long day’s work on Tuesday.

“I went to go sign my credit card slip and I happened to notice that in the corner – I usually don’t read it – and I went to go read it for once and I was like what the heck,” he explained.

Owner Antonio Ambrosio said it is standard procedure to ask for the person’s name and it put it on the check – but on Tuesday, an employee wrote something disrespectful instead.

“[Writing the name] personalizes their visit. And yesterday an employee wrote the word ‘fatty’ on their check,” Ambrosio said.

Arnold said he posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook as a small angry rant – but it was quickly shared.

Ambrosio said he apologized immediately.

“I did want to apologize to Dillon, it was uncalled for what my employee did,” he said. “And it shouldn’t have happened. And that’s why he’s terminated.”

According to Ambrosio, the employee in question is his son.

Since the photo of the receipt was posted, Ambrosio said he’s been getting threats toward his business and had to notify Warwick police.

Arnold said he is also a business owner, and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen at the restaurant.

“It’s supposed to be professional at all times no matter what,” he said. “I don’t wish anything bad against him but it kind of ruined my self-esteem a little.”

Ambrosio said he’s trying to make sure something like this never happens in his establishment again.

“You’re accountable for everything that employees do and sometimes you’re not there every day,” he said. “I just hope that people understand that the owner or the other employees can’t control what other people do at times.”

Ambrosio said he left his phone number so Arnold could call him to speak. Arnold said he might call eventually – but notes that he won’t be coming back to All Stars.

Also, Ambrosio said aside from being fired, his son is no longer allowed to eat at the restaurant.