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Barber offers free haircuts to government workers affected by shutdown

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis barber Anthony Williamson is aware; he’s been watching the news and keeping up with the partial government shutdown. 

Tuesday marked the fourth week where 800,000 government workers did not get paid, including TSA and other workers who still must show up to work. 

Williamson, who owns J. Williamson Barber Shop, is offering free haircuts for government workers impacted by the shutdown. 

Near Emerson and 10th Street is where you will find the shop. 

But Williamson has run into an interesting problem: Some people he’s offered the cuts to told him they didn’t want him to feel the same way they are feeling. 

“They didn’t want to see me suffer by giving out a free haircut; in a way, it made me feel good. It is like everyone is looking out for one another,” said Williamson. 

Despite the reluctance of some workers, Williamson said the offer still stands for any impacted government worker who needs a haircut. 

“I want to use my talents given to me by God,” said Williamson.