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‘Binge-watching’ could be bad for your health

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A new study says binge-watching television may be bad for your health.

The study was published Thursday. Researchers surveyed more than 300 people between the ages of 18 and 29. They found that those who binge-watch TV the most tend to be among the most depressed and lonely people.

Researches also found problems with self-control came along with excessive television. Some surveyed even said they were unable to stop clicking ‘next’ on their remote controls even though they had important tasks to complete, according to the survey.

The ability to binge-watch TV is relatively new, but still research already shows the habit is driven by the same impulses as other addictions like drugs and alcohol.  Researchers say the practice fires up dopamine receptors, which are the reward centers of the brain.

Watching between two and six episodes in a row of the same show is considered binge-watching.

There are also physical health issues association with watching too much television. Watching TV is a sedentary activity, which goes along with eating. That can a person at risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

Researchers did point out that the habit does serve as a way to bond with peers. Binge-watching allows viewers to join in on conversations about programs with friends, which gives them a sense of belonging to a community, according to researchers.